Our name

The word “care” describes the atmosphere we work
in on a daily basis. But what do we really do?
We facilitate the system of care to work efficiently
and effectively. Our work makes caring possible. 

A question of identity

Unlike well-defined and well-known groups like
doctors and administrators, our group does not have one immediately identifiable name that is easily recognized and that sets us apart. 

To become known, to become recognizable and understood, to speak about ourselves in the environment we work in and in the media, we need
an identity, a name that groups together our workers and the jobs we do. We chose care-facilitator.

Welcome to CPAS

The care-facilitator name was created in 2012 by CPAS, which brings together 63 union locals representing
20 000 public service employees in the health and social services sector.

Adopting this new name is part of a campaign by CPAS and the SCFP to highlight the importance of the roles our members play and the value of the work they do in the health and social services public sector. 

A healthy public sector

Facilitating care involves all sorts of skills and all sorts of people. Perhaps you can put your skills and training to work towards a satisfying career. By working in the health and social services public sector and not for a private company, your talents and skills will benefit Quebeckers directly. Think about it. Find out more!