Nursing care and
cardio-respiratory personnel

Assistant head nurse, assistant to the immediate superior

Assistant head respiratory therapist

Candidate for admission to the practice
of the nursing profession

Care counsellor nurse

Child nurse/baby nurse

Clinical instructor (respiratory therapy)

Clinical perfusionist


Nurse (Institut Pinel)

Nurse clinician

Nurse clinician (Institut Pinel)

Nurse clinician assistant head nurse, nurse clinician assistant to the immediate Superior




Nurse instructor

Nurse on a refresher period

Nurse surgical first assistant

Nurse team leader

Nursing assistant

Nursing assistant – Assistant team leader

Nursing assistant on a refresher period

Nursing assistant team leader

Nursing extern

Outpost/northern clinic nurse

Respiratory therapist

Respiratory therapy extern

Specialty nurse practitioner

Specialty nurse practitioner candidate

Technical co-ordinator (respiratory therapy)